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How to Relax in Tuscany (Italy) for Free

Tuscany is a very popular destination in any season. Art cities,lovely towns and villages, world famous culinary tradition, splendid private villas and Tuscany apartments, friendly people and a fascinating sense of history wherever you walk are the elements that make this region so sought after. Whether  you’re traveling alone, with your partner or visiting Italy with Kids Tuscany is a must stop.

saturnia thermal bath tuscany maitravelsite

It goes without saying that many choose Tuscany as a travel holiday destination after visiting a few or many of Italy’s best cities to visit, also because it offers so many occasions to relax while discovering the land. Not many may know that one of the many characteristics of Tuscany is its underground. The strong geothermal activity in fact causes a great many thermal baths that were already known in Etruscan and Roman times. Many of these waters are sulfurous and have beneficial effects on the body. Many use these waters to heal skin problems and respiratory ailments. The majority just enjoys their great relaxation powers and the wonderful natural scenery they are located in.

bagno vignoni thermal bath tuscany maitravelsite
Bagno Vignoni thermal bath

The great news is that many of these thermal baths are free! Anyone can access them at any time of the day and night, and many do everyday in any season. Since almost all of them are right at the hot spring source, their water is very hot, in some cases beyond 40 degrees Celsius (104 F). Therefore the best time to stay at the spas is from September until June, or during the nighttime. However, many enjoy them during hot summer days too. Bare in mind that there is absolutely no infrastructure associated with these pools, therefore all dressing and undressing will have to be managed by yourself in the open. The car is quite a good place to change your wet clothes during the cold winter season. Also remember to bring rubber slippers and warm robes. Summer nights make things much more manageable

The first and perhaps most popular thermal baths of all are to be found in Saturnia, in the province of Grosseto, southern Tuscany. It is a series of wonderful natural pools that degrade towards the river, all filled with hot sulfur water, each one large enough to accommodate four to five people. The water flows from the top pools into the lower ones, with a relaxing waterfall sound. There also is a splendid waterfall that massages your back. The cornice is all natural, in the open wild Maremma countryside. Plus there are some great things you can do in Saturnia with kids!

petriolo thermal bath tuscany maitravelsite
Enjoying the bath in Petriolo

Moving north you will encounter the Siena province with the cool-water San Casciano dei Bagni roman pools. Here the mandatory is summer, especially during hot day hours. These waters are rich of beneficial salts, although when they arrive at the pools all the heat is lost.

On the same road, traveling towards Siena, is Bagni San Filippo. In order to get to these baths you will have to enter the road that brings to the Mount Amiata an ancient and now inactive volcano. A trail in the woods brings to a pool in a splendid natural environment. Here the water temperature is lower than the average, therefore these baths are best suited from March until November.

Further north still you will get to the splendid town of Bagno Vignoni. Thermal baths are the soul of this village that develops around the ancient Roman pool. The free baths are away from the center of the village, located on the side of the hill, these pools are mildly warm, therefore best suited for summer days. The natural environment here is splendid, located in the heart of the Val d’Orcia. After a visit of the town you can also integrate with the nearby Monticchiello and Pienza, two small Tuscan gems.

san filippo thermal bath tuscany maitravelsite
The thermal bath in San Filippo

Located on the Siena-Grosseto road near Siena, is Petriolo, the warmest and last free thermal bath spring. It is located between the road and the river Merse. The many natural calcareous pools and water falls make this a very special place. There are pools for one to two people, the hottest ones, and the largest pool at the bottom, sharing part of the riverbed, offering much more space. A small pile of rocks separates the cold water from the hot one. It is a wonderful feeling to jump in to the shallow cold river after a long warm bath. A hot water fall gently massages your body, while an absolute inner peace sets you in harmony with the completely natural surroundings.

When you travel to Tuscany remember these useful free tips. A day spent relaxing at one of these free thermal baths will be among your favorite lasting memories.

Have you ever enjoyed a thermal bath? Where? Would you recommend it? If you think this post can be useful for travelers or visitors of the area please “Like” it..and share it!


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  2. Tuscany is truly a magical destination full of natural beauty. The photos above are fantastic! Bagni San Filippo is a wonderful place to enjoy the Tuscan countryside. The stonework at Petrolio is charming-reminiscent of many rustic tuscan villas and homes.

  3. Bagni San Filippo portal
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