Australia road trip: North of Brisbane in a camper van

Wickedcamper vans sure are wicked: certainly used, not the nicest of the lot and most display psycodellic graffiti that makes you stand out very much anywhere. This said they are usually the cheapest company and the oldest in the sector, making them a benchmark for any possible renter and do not require carefull driving which comes in handy when road conditions are not good:dents are ok.

Our wicked camper van

35 AUD worth of petrol and a 10AUD map later we merged into the highway and headed north towards Noosa Heaads, but decided to pull out in Maroochidore because … well simply because it seemed like a good idea. And it was. It has a very long beach with clean water and a nice walkway along Morooboora, the town right by. What was even better was that we found out that in OZ (Australia) there are public showers (cold water only), toilets and electric barbecues in almost every town, making our camping gas almost useless. Plus you get to cook outdoors and don’t need to clean up after eating (sometimes you have to do so before though).

Mooroorooba is a somewhat posh town with a nice beach and crystal blue water, and were it not for the strong cool wind it would have felt almost tropical. It was relatively easy to find a place where to sleep, following the well known camper van traveller rule: park the van in a quiet, sleepy neighbourhood where cops don’t drive often and you should be OK. It is so nice to be able to eat and sleep almost anywhere, waking up in the beautiful spot of your choice and having all you need with you. Except the toilet, which was not much fun when needing one in the chilly wee hours of the morning.

We decided to head inland our last night and eventually found ourselves in Kilcoy. Not for any reason in particular, but on the map it appeared to be besides a lake and we guessed it would be nice.

Kilcoy Lakes

Arriving late in the night we looked for a secluded place where to park the van and slept until early in the morning, waking up to a wonderful day. Following the best route we drove around a few lakes and meandered between gentle hills, enjoying the great views and being on a constant lookaout for a possible kangaroo siteing that never materialized. Making sure we missed as little as possible we made our way back to Brisbane, where we spent one night at a hostel and got our free 5 day wicked camper rental after participating in a discussion group they were holding at the hostel. Go Wicked!

Road towards Brisbane

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