Visiting the Walled City of Morella (Spain): What to See and Things to Do

Usually unknown and unheard of Morella is a small city in the province of Castellon that should be in any travelers bucket list when spending some time along the Mediterranean coast. More than 2100 years of history have left their marks along the cobbled streets and castle that overlook the surrounding hills and valleys, a step back in time being the essence of any day trip here. Throw in some good quality food and local souvenir shopping to do and you’ve got a full day of walking and sightseeing to do-spending a night at any of the available hotels will allow you to take some great night pictures.

things to do in morella spain

Part of Morella as seen from the castle

Getting There

You can only get to Morella by road, but this is easy as it is very well paved with plenty of signs guiding you along it. Perhaps the best option is to rent a car, but if traveling along it is easy to get here to by public bus from the province’s capital beach city Castellon.

things to do in morella spain

This will be what you see as you reach Morella by car

Spending a Day in Morella

As you reach the city you’ll easily spot the  castle from the road, perched atop the hill on which the city is built. Because of this getting around is very easy, as you know that ultimately you’ll be reaching the Castle which for many is the highlight of the visit- but not for me.

things to do in morella spain

The Cathedral

As soon as you cross the wall that surrounds the city, get off you car and slowly start making the way uphill, without following any particular street. You will eventually reach Calle Mayor street, the most important of them all where most of the restaurants, hotels and shops are to be found. The architecture is distinctly medieval yet solid and well maintained despite having witnessed many wars against the Moors, Napoleon, Succession… Walk into the shops that sell naturally  made aromas, sandals and pastries, visit the Basilic Church of Santa Maria, the Cathedral and the convent of San Francisco.

things to do in morella spain

Walking into the castle you will reach this magnificent courtyard

Continue your walk uphill, and eventually you’ll reach the castle. There’s a 3.5 Euro fee which will be used to maintain it . Audio guides are available and there’s a couple of exhibitions in it, but I admit you’ll need some imagination to see how the castle may have looked like during the best of its time. Still, don’t skip it, particularly if you come from a younger country where 1500 year old structure aren’t to be found.

things to do in morella spain

Many shops are worth visiting, even if you don’t plan on buying anything.

After visiting the castle I recommend you head back down for lunch and look no further than the restaurant you’ll find just a few meters to the left of the main entrance of the castle, Restaurante Marques de Cruilles. They have a three course many for around 13 Euros with over 20 local dishes to chose from. Make sure you try the croquellanas, the local version of  typical croquettes to be found in Spain.

things to do in morella spain

It’s an interesting uphill walk from the courtyard to the castle.

Inevitably you’ll meander your way back down the city, perhaps enjoying a coffee at on of the many cafes at Calle Mayor you already walked along the way up.

things to do in morella spain

Like most people, you’ll find yourself walking along the cobble stones of Calle Mayor, looking at the shops and old architecture

Tips and Resources

Morella gets very hot in the summer months, and can get plenty of snow in winter (to the point of it being inaccessible) but also have warm (read t-shirt) days during the colder months. Make sure you check on weather conditions before heading there.

Restaurant Marques de Cruilles is right in front of the entrance to the castle, phone is 682270253.

Morella Tourism Website:



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